Monday, 16 May 2011

My own private designer....

I've told you about my "bro" doing surfboards...but what is even more usefull is my mummy doing clothes...EVIDAMENT!!!
I'm still waiting for my camera to come back , so I'm posting you these pictures, from the weedings of 2 of my dear french friends...This was last summer.
The black dress is from a friend, and the shoes are Channel (my 30's anniversary gift from these dear friends...not soooooo longtime ago ;) Every other thing is my mummy's work!
I love to design all these outfits, find the right material...and off course then, have my "own private designer" to make it real!!


  1. los zapatos son preciosos y menudo regalazo!
    por cierto que me encanta el pantal├│n azul el├ęctrico!!!!!

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