Wednesday, 10 August 2011

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS and hotter in London;)

The sun was back for some days....and  the riots in London were getting closer to my appartment:( ay ay ayyyyy.....Now things are getting better around here, but other cities are affected...Innocent people have been killed by the fire, and many others had lost their home. We all feel very sorry for them here.

Jeans H&M, Convers, Rayban and T-shirt who knows which shop in USA....


  1. like your outfit and your blog!

  2. gracias por comentar, pero me gusta la atmósfera misteriosa de la video! jajaja

  3. La verdad es que lo que está pasando en Londres es terrible. Espero que las cosas puedan volver a la normalidad pronto.
    Cambiando de tema, me gusta mucho el look. Yo no puedo ser más fan de las Converse. Hay temporadas en las que no me las quito.
    Un besazo.
    Shopper Crossing

  4. Love this outfit and pictures, I can almost feel the sun xo

  5. que fotos tan chula. Tengo sorteo de la estrella de mar.